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Operon Browser for M. tuberculosis H37Rv (83332) • Randomly selected an operon

There are 735 total operons predicted by the ODB (Operon DataBase), Shujiro Okuda, Kyoto method for the H37Rv genome.
• The numbered grey boxes are 'segments' of the genome, each containing a visible set of operons to be displayed.
• The colored boxes below are operons. Mouse over to see some information and click them to view the operon page.

Name kyoto282_drt: 1,638,381 to 1,639,646  •  1 Members

More operon predictions in which 1 or more members has been predicted:
Rv1453kyoto282_drtODB (Operon DataBase), Shujiro Okuda, Kyoto

Rv1453, (MTCY493.01c), len: 421 aa. Possibletranscriptional activator, similar to Q50018 putativetranscriptional activator trx from Mycobacterium leprae(517 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 1719, E(): 0, (54.0% identityin 500 aa overlap). Also highly similar to Mycobacteriumtuberculosis proteins Rv2370c, Rv1194c, Rv2242, Rv1186c,and to the further upstream ORF's Rv1429|MTCY493.25c(28.1% identity in 335 aa overlap). Start changed sincefirst submission (-11 aa).
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